WordPress hacks To Create Highly Converting Landing Pages

Before starting, allow me to ask you a simple question. What do you see first when you come to a website?

Many answers it as “Homepage”. But wait for a second, that’s not always true. Sometimes there are cases when you land on some other page. Yes, you heard it right, “LANDS”, that is the reason why it is called a landing page.

Today, in this article, I am going to open up some of the WordPress hacks that are needed to create a highly converting landing pages. But first, let me clear some rudimentary facts about WordPress landing pages. Let’s just get started,

What is a Landing Page?

In the simplest way, a landing page is a web page on which your visitor stops or arrives while visiting your website.

Why you need it??? A very smart question. You need it to attract your visitor in order to draw him/her to do something specific, we call it “Call to Action (CTA)”. These call to action can be subscribing an email newsletter, buying a product or service. Actually, anything that is feasible by your visitor which either generate you revenue or traffic or lead.

An awesome WordPress landing page is the one which targets a specific audience. Well, if you suffice the curiosity of your visitor by exactly giving them what they want, then you serves the purpose and so does your landing page. So, you need to design your landing page appealing and useful. There’s just one thing that matter after this, the first impression. If that’s good, then everything’s fine or else your WordPress landing page sucks.


Do you really need a landing page?

Answer these questions and you can solve the above question by yourself.

  • Are you looking to build an audience?
  • Are you selling any product or services?

If any of your answers is YES, then you know you need a WordPress landing page.


A WordPress landing page is an important asset to convert your website traffic into leads. I have seen these cases too often, I don’t want you to repeat that. Many websites have multiple services and products and niches in which they offer. With only one landing page, you might confuse your audience. So, remember one thing, always create multiple landing pages for your audience to avoid any kind of confusion.


WordPress Hacks For Landing Pages

Basic anatomy of a high-converting landing page –

Let’s Understand the basic anatomy of a WordPress landing page. These elements are crucial to any type of landing page. These are,

  • Headline
  • Body Text
  • Keywords
  • Images
  • Social Sharing Buttons
  • Hidden Navigation
  • Conversion Form


1. Headline

This is the first place for your visitor to catch up. For a WordPress landing page, you must phrase it in a convincing way. Make sure you make your visitors clear about what exactly are they going to get on this page. So, in a nutshell just make sure you outline all the important things that are needed to be conveyed.

2. Sub-Heading

This is where you viewer will get the main intention of your landing page. It needs to be direct. Do not hide any surrogate message to deceive your viewer.

3. Body Text

This is the entire content on the WordPress landing page. So, it must be interesting as it tends to stay that way. You must jot every relevant information in the body text of the landing page. A pro tip, maintain the continuity of the body text.

4. Trust Indicator

You must include a part of testimonials. This will show your working history which will provide a level of to your viewer.


5. Call To Action

This is the most important part of your landing page. You must include a visually high appealing image which can drive your viewer to click on it. You can use any image or text, whatever is relevant to that.

6. Hide Navigation

Always minimize your top and side navigation in your WordPress landing page to avoid any distraction for your visitor.

7. Images

Yes, use images in your WordPress landing page as it is also recommended. Always use creative and appealing images to attract your visitors.


Ultimate power of a video in your landing page

I guess everyone knows it that, “Watching is always more effective than reading”. This is one of the prime reason why YouTube is the second largest search engine.

Many pieces of research showed that a video can increase the conversion rate by 80%. Let’s see how a video can be your ultimate power,

Customer Trust Building

Over 52% of consumers say that by watching videos their confidence on a certain service or product increase. With videos on your WordPress landing page, you’ll be able to connect with your audience.

More lazy people than reading people

Well, that’s just a fact that people are lazy enough to watch videos, so that is one more sign to use videos on your landing page.

Keep visitor stick for a while

According to many studies, with a video in your WordPress landing page makes your visitor stay for a longer duration than normal.

Increase in Conversion

The main aim always being conversion and videos can significantly increase your website’s conversion rate. I had shown you the stats above.

Make your visitor understand the complex product easily.

Suppose your product is very technically complex than a video is the only way where you can make them understand easily.


A/B testing of your landing page

A/B testing is a very simple test which is conducted between two pages in order to measure the behavior which one is performing better in terms of conversions and clicks.

Benefits of A/B testing on WordPress Landing Pages

  • A/B testing helps you to check which model or design of your web page is performing well. This clears the doubts about using which design is affecting your visitors positively.
  • It is one of the cheapest methods to test your WordPress landing page.


Needs of your landing pages for better conversion rate

If you have an urge for healthy conversion rate then you must follow these tips and tricks to attain them,

  • Clear Call to Action is exactly you want from your customer. Since you want this, so you have to clear about it.
  • Offer them something. You can offer them anything like a freebie (Everyone loves a freebie), discount, a gift etc. Offer them these in exchange of your CTA (Call to Action).
  • Narrow your visitors focus. Keep your page simple to keep your visitor focus on what you have to offer. Variation may create a distraction which will lead them to take longer durations to take actions.
  • Highlight important attributes which will lead your visitor to take action. So, it needs to be attractive and direct. It must cover all the feature list of your product or services.
  • Effectual Headlines will make your headlines catchy. Your heading must have all the key features of your product or services.
  • Responsive Layout will help all those of your visitors who visit your landing page via mobile devices.
  • Neat and Tidy Visual will help your visitors to understand your WordPress landing page easily. Usage of whitespace will come in handy here.

Here are some landing page WordPress plugins in order to boost your conversion rate –

  1. Crazy Egg
  2. Unbounce
  3. Optimizely


Wrapping up

So, these are the hacks and methods by which you can easily boost the performance of your landing pages. And it is well proven as well. All you need is to take the opportunity and nail it.

What you have done to boost your landing pages, please share your experience via comments.

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